Dementia New Zealand is a national organisation that represents and supports six service delivery Affiliates. These are Dementia Auckland, Dementia Waikato, Dementia Hawkes Bay, Dementia Lakes, Dementia Wellington and Dementia Canterbury. Together these organisations provide community dementia support services to areas covering 70% of New Zealand’s population.


Through awareness, education and support, it’s our mission to help improve the quality of life for those affected by dementia – not only individuals, but also their caregivers, whanau and support networks.

By providing advocacy and access to information that promotes wellness, increases independence and provides reassurance, we want to inspire and nurture a dementia-friendly society, where anyone affected feels supported and prepared for the journey ahead.

We know that with this guidance, and the right support around them, those affected by dementia will have the freedom and confidence to continue to make the most of every day.


We’re stronger together


The significance of a dementia diagnosis reaches beyond the individual affected. Families, networks and communities have a role to play in ensuring that we provide a safe and supportive society.


Dementia is now the third largest cause of death in New Zealand. With 50 million people affected globally, there are nearly 10 million new cases reported every year – one every three seconds. It has never been more important for us to understand, and tackle, the largest health and social challenge of our time.


A shared vision

Dementia New Zealand is led by a professional team who each bring their own skill and insight to contribute to a strong, passionate organisation. What unites us is our commitment to creating beneficial change in the lives of those affected by dementia, and to lead the conversation around dementia in a more positive and constructive way in our communities.

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